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Retsina Tsantali, white resinated wine from Halkidiki, Greece

White Retsina Wine 750ml

Tsantali Vineyards & Wineries
Retsina Tsantali, white resinated wine from Halkidiki, Greece
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Retsina Tsantali is a quality resinated wine, produced from Roditis grapes in Halkidiki vineyards, in which pine resin is added during fermentation. It has a bright pale yellow color with light golden hues and vibrant aromas of citrus, pear, apple, and fresh pine resin. 

With a dry and refreshing palate, it’s an excellent pairing for Greek mezes and fried fish, such as red mullet or sardines. 

Retsina is a traditional Greek wine with a very long history. Its origin can be traced back to ancient Greece, where Aleppo Pine resin was used to seal wine vessels and particularly amphorae. 

  • Producer: Tsantali Vineyards & Wineries
  • Region: Halkidiki, Northern Greece
  • Appellation: Traditional Appellation
  • Grape variety: 100% Roditis
  • Vintage: none
  • Character: Classic and elegant
  • Pairings: Pan-fried fish, mezes
  • Best served: 10-12 °C