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Tsikoudia Aródama Premium, a Cretan Raki of top quality

Cretan Tsikoudia Aródama Premium 500ml

Tsikoudia Aródama Premium, a Cretan Raki of top quality
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This premium distilled grape spirit is unique like the Cretan land. Its rich aroma and authentic flavor will warm your heart and will take you back to the Greek summer.

Tsikoudia Aródama is a Cretan Raki of premium quality, made from the exceptional grape varieties of Romeiko, Muscat of Spina, and Vilana.

  • Traditional Cretan Product
  • 100% natural product without preservatives or additives
  • Awarded with the gold medal at TerraVino International Wine & Spirit Competition

Serving suggestions for Tsikoudia:

Tsikoudia is usually served neat and well-chilled, as aperitif or digestif. It goes perfectly with mezzes from Greek cuisine such as olives, grilled eggplants, or dakos salads.

You can also enjoy its warm and sweet version, Rakomelo, a combination of Tsikoudia with honey and spices. How? Pour 250ml Tsikoudia in a saucepan and heat it slowly at 45°C for 8-10 minutes, adding cloves, cinnamon, and 50g of thyme honey.

Médaille d'or - Concours International des Vins & Spiritueux