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Greek mountain tea from Mount Othrys 50g
Greek mountain tea from Mount Othrys 50g
How to make Greek Mountain Tea - Instructions on the Box

Greek Mountain Tea 50g

Othrys Farms
Greek mountain tea from Mount Othrys 50g
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Mountain tea is not a tea, unlike its surname, it is an herbal tea (without caffeine) called Sideritis that grows to over 1000 meters in the mountains of Greece. Greek mountain tea "Tsai Vounou" is considered as one of the best for health in Europe. - It strengthens the immune system against microbial attack. - Useful for fighting flu and sinus congestion. - Rich antioxidant (flanoid) and anti-inflammatory (diterpenoid) activities. - Natural source of iron. - Prevent against any kind of cancer. Each herb is picked between May and June on the Mount Othrys in central Greece, in the traditional way. They are then carefully cleaned and dried in the shade at ambient temperature to preserve all their aromas.