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Organic dark chocolate with mint 90g

Organic Dark Chocolate with Mint 90g

Alexandros Hand Made
Organic dark chocolate with mint 90g
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An extraordinary mix of pure 70% cacao chocolate taste and refreshing mint leaves. This delicious Alexandros Handmade chocolate bar will definitely surprise you and become one of your favorites. Give a little extra touch to your hot chocolate drink by adding some organic mint dark chocolate pieces.

Rich in antioxidants from the chocolate and high in Vitamin A and manganese from the mint leaves, this chocolate bar is suitable for all family members. It can help a lot in keeping you and your family healthy since the strong antioxidant properties of chocolate and mint reduce the risk of disease, and Vitamin A protects the immune system.

  • Product of organic cultivation
  • Handmade chocolate – 70% Cacao
  • Gluten free and suitable for Vegans