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Organic dark chocolate with Greek pistachios 90g

Organic Dark Chocolate with Greek Pistachios 90g

Alexandros Hand Made
Organic dark chocolate with Greek pistachios 90g
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Organic green pistachios in a tasty combination with dark chocolate made from the finest cocoa beans. Greek pistachios have been growing naturally on Greek island, Aegina, and have a high level of calcium, vitamin B6 and other important vitamins and minerals.

This organic pistachio dark chocolate is the best combination of balanced sweetness and healthy living. Add small pieces of this magnificent chocolate to your snacks or to your infusion and coffee. Level up your snacking habits by indulging yourself with delicious and healthy choices every day.

  • Product of organic cultivation
  • Handmade chocolate – 70% Cacao
  • Gluten free and suitable for Vegans