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Cretan thyme honey
Cretan thyme honey
Cretan thyme honey nutritional values

Cretan Thyme Honey 250g

Cretan thyme honey
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The intense taste and exquisite thyme flavor of this Cretan honey is an extraordinary nutritional gift of nature. This honey includes the highest rate of pollen grains, which boost liver health and strengthen the immune system. It is a completely natural honey with no preservatives, which can soothe our digestive system, encouraging the healing process.

It is produced in small quantities, to ensure its great quality. Use this honey to make an energy-boosting breakfast or any healthy home remedy. Prepare yourself for a sensational and enjoyable sweet journey with this mountain honey. Feel the Cretan aromas in a spoon full of Greek summer.

  • Rich in thyme pollen grains
  • 100% natural product
  • Zero preservatives, zero additives
  • “Great Taste Award*” winner 2016