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Spearmint and ginger infused olive oil

Spearmint and Ginger Infused Olive Oil 100ml

Spearmint and ginger infused olive oil
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Spearmint from local Greek farms along with ginger are being cold pressed with freshly harvested Makri olives. Ginger improves blood circulation and helps with stomach disorders. Spearmint, on the other hand, aids digestion and strengthens the immune system with its strong antioxidant effect.

The combination of both ginger and spearmint is simply amazing! You can enjoy this refreshing olive oil dressing with many different dishes such as chicken meals, salads, rice and soups. Try making a wonderful and refreshing smoothie with this infused olive oil to keep your health strong every day.

  • Cold extraction of olives and spearmint/ginger
  • Monovarietal olive oil - Makri