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Olive oil dressing with lemon 250ml
Olive oil dressing with lemon 250ml
Olive oil dressing - ingredients and product information

Lemon Infused Olive Oil 250ml

Olive oil dressing with lemon 250ml
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This olive oil dressing with lemon flavor is made with fresh lemons and the best quality olives from Makri in Thrace. Lemons and olives are cold pressed together to create a rich taste dressing with refreshing lemon aroma. This is by far the healthier way to create any kind of infused olive oil.

Use this lemon infused olive oil directly in your salads and steamed greens or as a lemon sauce for any grilled fish or pasta plate. Another creative way you can use the lemon infused olive oil is for cookie recipes or inspired lemon pies. Share your infused olive oil creations with friends and encourage them to embrace healthy and delicious ideas.

  • Cold extraction of olives and lemons
  • Monovarietal olive oil - Makri