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Bay laurel leaves from mount Othrys 25g
Bay laurel leaves from mount Othrys 25g
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Bay Laurel 25g

Othrys Farms
Bay laurel leaves from mount Othrys 25g
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Bay laurel, or Laurus nobilis, is handpicked from Mount Othrys between May and June. Then bay leaves are put in shade to dry naturally and keep all their useful vitamins and nutrients.

Bay leaves are high in vitamin A and C while they help digestion. They are also proven a good ally against kidney stone formation, because they reduce the concentration of urease in human body.

Greeks have been using bay leaves in cooking for so many years. You can add bay leaves to flavor seafood soups, sauces, stews and ratatouille. Bay laurel is a great way to make simple dishes super tasty.

  • Traditionally handpicked
  • Naturally dried