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Basil from mount Othrys 50g
Basil from mount Othrys 50g
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Basil 50g

Othrys Farms
Basil from mount Othrys 50g
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Basil, or else Ocimum basilicum, is a highly aromatic sweet and pungent Mediterranean herb. It is handpicked from Mount Othrys between May and June and dried in shade so it keeps all its aromas and nutrients.

In infusion, the dried basil takes care of your liver and generally promotes healthy digestion while boosting morale. In Mediterranean cuisine, it is generally used in sauces, pizzas, stews, soups and tomato salads. Try some basil next time you prepare a dinner as it is an excellent herb to use regularly in many meals.

  • Traditionally handpicked
  • Naturally dried