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Handpicked spearmint from Mount Othrys
Handpicked spearmint from Mount Othrys
Handpicked spearmint and ways to use it in cooking and pastry

Spearmint 50g

Othrys Farms
Handpicked spearmint from Mount Othrys
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Spearmint by Othrys Farms is handpicked and naturally dried in the shade in ambient temperature. Mount Othrys in Central Greece is a sunny mountain with perfect climate for spearmint to sprout and grow fully. The sunnier it gets the more its aromatic richness is concentrated on its leaves.

This minty herb has a strong refreshing scent and it is used both in cooking and pastry. The beautiful cool aroma of spearmint leaves suits great with soups, herbal teas, salads and broths. Use spearmint daily and combine it with other Mediterranean seasoning, such as basil, for heavenly tasting dishes and desserts.

  • Traditionally handpicked
  • Naturally dried