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Handpicked oregano from Mount Othrys
Handpicked oregano from Mount Othrys
Handpicked oregano and ways to use it in cooking

Oregano 50g

Othrys Farms
Handpicked oregano from Mount Othrys
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Oregano is handpicked between May and June and then dried naturally in the shade, according to the traditional method. Its lively aromas enhance cooked dishes and salads. Oregano is usually added in sauces and on grilled or even infused meat in the form of herbal tea.

This Greek variety of wild oregano, from the Lamiaceae family, has a distinctive powerful aroma. Perfectly season your barbecues and marinades with this aromatic herb that grows wild on the slopes of Mount Othrys in central Greece. This oregano will become the basic seasoning ingredient in your culinary routine.

  • Traditionally handpicked
  • Naturally dried