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Handpicked thyme from Mount Othrys
Handpicked thyme from Mount Othrys
Handpicked thyme and ways to use it in cooking

Thyme 50g

Othrys Farms
Handpicked thyme from Mount Othrys
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This very aromatic thyme is handpicked from the hills of Mount Othrys in central Greece. Its deep flavor that it brings to cooked food makes it the ideal seasoning herb for many Greek and Mediterranean dishes.

It goes very well with roasted potatoes, salads and grilled meats. In infusion, thyme also has antiseptic properties and facilitates digestion.

Thyme is left in the shade to dry naturally in ambient temperature. Traditional drying methods guarantee that the vitamins and aromas stay within thyme leaves for a long time.

  • Traditionally handpicked
  • Naturally dried