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Krokos Kozanis Organic Saffron

Krokos Kozanis Organic Saffron 1g

Krocus Kozanis
Krokos Kozanis Organic Saffron
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You can use them in many dishes like desserts and beverages. You can also make interesting legume recipes, herbal tea mixes and cheese sauces with organic Krokos Kozanis. Protect your future health, but also enjoy flavorful recipe ideas along with your family.

Greek saffron Krokos Kozanis is one of the best spices in the world because it has a much more intense color than any other saffron variety. This means that its properties and benefits are more intense. Indeed, it contributes to good health with its significant antioxidant properties. Saffron strands in meals or teas can improve brain functionality and memory but they can also help with depression.

This Greek saffron has been appreciated since Antiquity for its aromatic, coloring and aphrodisiac properties. Local farmers plant Krokos Kozanis flowers seeds during the summer and then carefully hand-pick them in October. Then the stigmas are dried, forming these precious red saffron strands.

You can use them in many dishes such as desserts and beverages. Put 3-4 filaments on a panna cotta, a homemade ice cream or incorporate with moderation in some of your herbal teas. You can also add it in your risottos, fish soups and bouillabaisse.

  • Product of organic farming
  • Protected Designation of Origin since 1998
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