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Aliomis chooses for you premium Greek products

We bring you the most valuable treasures of Greece…

Greece is famous for its diverse landscapes. Its gastronomy is equally diverse, based on a wide range of products from different regions across the mainland and the islands. After meticulous research, degustation and traveling around the country, we selected for you only the finest products. Those are produced by local artisans and producers, some of them organic. The climate, the land and the passion of Greek people make these traditional products, products of exceptional quality.

All I want to share with you is…

“Food lover since my young age, I fell in love with Greece and its cuisine through my several trips around the country. I fell in love with this quality cuisine that remained traditional and based on the use of fresh food. I also fell in love with Mezes, these simple dishes that everyone shares.

This amazing gastronomic experience is all I want to share with you through this e-shop.

Thus, I carefully select for you products directly from the producer in Greece. Healthy and natural products, often organic, from small local productions each with their own specificities.”


A Gastronomic Adventure

We create for you an exploration to the Greek flavors…

The flavors bring you to Greece and immediately you feel this summer breeze and the sunshine on your face, the sound of the sea and its smell. Suddenly you see all the breathtaking Greek landscapes just in front of you.

Nutritional Values

We promote a healthy lifestyle…

Greek products combine fine tastes with high nutritional values. Based on natural, seasonal ingredients, they are ideal for a balanced diet. Some of them such as Olive oil, fruits, vegetables, grains and herbs are the cornerstones of Mediterranean diet, which is an ancient key for longevity and well-being.


We promote quality over quantity…

What makes Greek products unique? Their quality, authenticity and nutritional value. Considering them as valuable natural treasures we establish a holistic approach by respecting the people who produce them, the environment where they come from and the people who are going to consume them.


We choose producers that use fresh raw materials, seasonal and picked from local territories. The Greek tradition is immediately connected to the gastronomy. Thus, all the products are being manufactured according to traditional recipes and methods in a small-scale production model. Developing an environmentally conscious philosophy, we prefer to choose products with no plastic packaging or from biodegradable, recycled material.


One of our core values is to develop environmental awareness and support sustainable and local products. The notion of proximity takes on its full meaning here as we directly select our products on site: no intermediaries.


We respect our consumers by providing them fine and high-quality products. We also want them to discover the aromas and flavors of this authentic and traditional Greek cuisine we know.